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3/4 Length Cotton Wrap Skirt - Cafe Terrace by Van Gogh

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Artwork: Cafe Terrace at Night (aka The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum)
Painted by Vincent van Gogh in Arles, France in September 1888. In this piece Van Gogh expressed his feelings of southern France, the style of the painting uses warmth of colours and a depth of perspective which is unique for Van Gogh.

Artist: Vincent Willem van Gogh
Early in life Van Gogh worked worked for a firm of art dealers, successful but disheartened by how art was treated as a commodity he left this firm and went on to be an unpaid teacher and then missionary in a poor mining region. Van Gogh did not begin painting until late in his twenties where he worked with sombre colours until being influenced by the Paris Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism movements. He produced around 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches in his life, the most famous during his last two years, where bouts of mental illness began to plague him, it was during this period that he cut off part of his left ear after of a fallout with his friend Paul Gauguin, before committing suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a revolver. Known as a Post-Impressionist artist, Van Gogh is a pioneer of what came to be known as Expressionism.

- 1 inch (1") = 2.54cm.
- The given sizes are approximations only, exact measurements may vary.
- The items label may not match the advertised size, Asian labeling can be non-standard and we will often market an item according to European standards.
- To compare sizes take a similar item of your own that fits well and lay it flat, smooth it out and make sure it is buttoned or zipped if applicable. Use a tape measure to measure straight across, making sure the tape measure is tight.
- You may need to leave extra room for bulky items or for movement.

Skirt is of the wrap around style, a single piece of material that wraps around your waist to fit. Laid flat approximately 27" high, 40" wide. The upper two corners have ties attached to them to secure the waist.

Suggested care
- Hand wash separately in cold or luke warm water. Do not wash in hot water.
- Do not dry in sunshine, hang dry in shade.
- Do not use Bleach or Chlorine.
- Do not soak for long periods.
- Medium Iron setting.
- Hint: To reduce any colour running or shrinkage soak separately over night in one tablespoon of salt and/or brown vinegar dissolved in hot water and then added to a basin of luke warm water.
- Some shrinkage is normal for cotton and rayon garments, please allow for this.

Fair Trade hand crafted goods
Our handmade items adhere to Fair Trade principles, we deal with the family and village based groups that produce these items, this ensures that the wealth generated by the labor involved goes directly to the people who create them. North Thailand does not suffer from the factories and sweatshops that are prevalent in Bangkok and other Asian centers, we are proud to be a part of this cottage based industry and to support the artists who create these beautiful pieces.

Because of the handmade nature of our items variations in size, imperfections, and differences in colour per batch can happen. We do our best to catalog product accurately but in the event you receive an item that does not accurately match the description please give us the benefit of the doubt, it was not an intentional oversight and we will do our best to find a solution with you.

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