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Childs Size High Grade 100% Woven Hemp Milkmaids Hairtie Bandanna - Burgundy Red

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Includes 1 hand crafted hair tie/s.

Fabric: 100% hemp
We offer five grades of hemp fabric grown by the Hmong Hill Tribe people in the North of Thailand. Garment labels might not state hemp, the cottage industry here does not take care when labeling items.

This article is the 035 grade.

Hand woven:
A hand prepared fabric that has been spun into a thick raw weave using traditional techniques. Results in a rough texture with obvious and natural imperfections.

Grade 024:
Professional fabric produced from a thick yarn. The texture of the fabric is visible while maintaining a uniform weave.

Grade 034:
Professional fabric produced from a medium thickness yarn. Suitable for all types of clothing.

Grade 035:
Professional fabric produced from a thin yarn. Tightly woven this fabric would be suitable for light clothing.

Grade 036:
Professional fabric produced from a medium thickness yarn. Similar to grade 034 with a slightly tighter weave.

Fair Trade hand crafted goods
Our handmade items adhere to Fair Trade principles, we deal with the family and village based groups that produce these items, this ensures that the wealth generated by the labor involved goes directly to the people who create them. North Thailand does not suffer from the factories and sweatshops that are prevalent in Bangkok and other Asian centers, we are proud to be a part of this cottage based industry and to support the artists who create these beautiful pieces.

Because of the handmade nature of our items variations in size, imperfections, and differences in colour per batch can happen. We do our best to catalog product accurately but in the event you receive an item that does not accurately match the description please give us the benefit of the doubt, it was not an intentional oversight and we will do our best to find a solution with you.

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